HIGS LITE Pomegranate

HIGS LITE Pomegranate
Mesh-coil 20mg 800 puffs disposable compact vape

800 puffs
Mesh Coil

Indulge in the exquisite taste of our Pomegranate vape, a flavor that encapsulates the essence of this ancient and revered fruit. With each inhale, you'll be transported to a lush orchard, where ripe pomegranates hang heavy on the branches, ready to offer their rich and complex flavor. The Pomegranate vape delivers a burst of sweet and tangy notes, reminiscent of biting into the jewel-like seeds of a perfectly ripe pomegranate. The initial sweetness is followed by a delightful tartness that awakens your taste buds, creating a harmonious balance that lingers with every exhale. This vape captures the deep, slightly earthy undertones of pomegranate, providing a vaping experience that's simultaneously refreshing and full-bodied. Whether you're a fan of this ancient superfruit or seeking a unique flavor adventure, our Pomegranate vape will envelop your senses in the captivating taste of this timeless fruit, leaving you craving more with each puff.

Characteristics of HIGS LITE Pomegranate

Coil: Mesh-Coil
Body: Plastic
Puffs: up to 800
Nicotine: 20 mg
E-liquid: 2 ml
Inhale Type: MTl
Form: Box
Battery: 550 mAh


The disposables are conveniently packaged in a 10-pack midbox designed for easy access. By simply removing the top cap, all products remain in the bottom part of the box. This nicely designed bottom section doubles as a display stand, making it both functional and visually appealing.



The products are packaged using a two-tier system. First, they are placed in sets of 10 within a MidBox packaging. Then, 40 of these mid boxes are combined into a single master case, which is constructed from a highly dependable 7-layer cardboard branded box.

Package type
One e-cigarette
27x18x120 mm
58x92x122 mm
Master Case
300x300x290 mm
One pallet
1000x800x1500 mm

Just a vapor

An electronic cigarette releases vapor, which is less intrusive than the strong smoke produced by traditional cigarettes.

Pleasant smell and taste

Disposable e-cigarettes do not leave unpleasant odors after use.

Suitable for indoor use

Since the device releases only vapor, using it indoors or in a car is generally not problematic.

Disposable e-cigarette


Disposable e-cigarettes are convenient vaping devices that come with a pre-filled liquid and a non-rechargeable battery. They operate on the same principle as regular vapes: an inner coil heats a glycerine-based liquid, with or without nicotine, transforming it into flavorful, aromatic vapor.

The e-cigarette is automatically activated on inhale. No need to hold any buttons on the device.

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