Sales Policy

HIGS distributes its manufactured products to a wide international market, reaching over 13 countries around the world. Currently, HIGS operates from two distinct manufacturing facilities strategically located in different regions of the world. One of our facilities is based in Latvia, within the European Union, while the other is situated in Shenzhen, China.

We primarily engage with distributors, and our primary objective is to offer them access to high-quality products, fostering equitable and enduring partnerships.

What you get by working with HIGS:

  • Secure payments to Europe, guaranteeing that the money will not go one way forever (it may sometimes happen with Asian companies).
  • Guaranteed supply of goods with the same quality for all orders without risk of getting empty/failure/low-quality devices.
  • High-end devices with delicious tastes, quality components, and packaging.
  • A product complies with European standards and requirements (inscriptions, signs, liquid volume, package standards, etc.).
  • Product localization, translation, and adjusting to any specific requirements.
  • Ability to receive goods at different stages (FOB China, T1 Europe, CE Europe).
  • Registered products in the TPD EU-CEG system for European countries.
  • Value-added help in local product registration if there are additional requirements from your country's government.

Our Sales Policy delineates the fundamental principles and regulations governing our sales and customer relationship processes.


We extend the following product categories:

  • Disposable e-cigarettes
  • Pods
  • Pod kits
  • Pod bats

In addition to products, we provide an array of marketing materials:

  • Menus
  • Stands
  • Try and Buy stands
  • Stickers
  • Posters
  • Mugs
  • Pens, and more.


  • We manage prices for local, national, and international markets, which are established based on market valuations, always striving to remain competitive.
  • Our prices are denominated in EUR and do not encompass VAT and Excise Tax, if applicable.
  • Clients seeking credit options must coordinate with their designated sales executive, who will elucidate the procedural requirements in line with the company policy.
  • Price alterations on products are communicated by the Commercial Manager to each sales executive, who subsequently conveys this information to their client portfolio.


  • A quotation represents a commercial agreement between the Sales Manager and the Client, providing a detailed breakdown of products, prices, quantities, delivery schedules, payment terms, and conditions.
  • The timeframe for a quote's acceptance, along with the agreed-upon conditions, is specified by the sales manager.
  • Quotes ratified by the sales managers undergo approval by the Commercial Management.
  • It is imperative that customers consistently request quotes to stay apprised of prevailing prices, and ongoing promotions.
  • Clients are encouraged to indicate their preferred mode of delivery: either land or air deliveries.

Purchase Orders

  • Orders must be placed through our website.
  • Any purchase order originates from an approved quote, containing identical information as negotiated in the quote, and serves as a purchase confirmation by the client.
  • The purchase order is then forwarded to the warehouse for processing, aligning with the delivery terms agreed upon with the client.

Payment Terms

  • HIGS requires a 30% prepayment before the order is processed, with the remaining 70% due before shipment.
  • A factoring credit line with 30 days payment terms is available after approval by a bank or insurance company.
  • Payments can be remitted through the following methods:
  • a) Factoring credit line
  • b) Bank transfer


  • Accepted and approved purchase orders are transferred to the operation manager, who generates the Way-Bill, considering the delivery terms prearranged with the client.
  • We offer delivery services within the European Union and beyond, guaranteeing punctual and precise order fulfillment.
  • Delivery options include land and air deliveries:
  • a) From the European warehouse to the customer's doorstep
  • b) From the European warehouse to the customer's warehouse
  • c) Directly from the factory in China to the customer.


  • Our exchange policy is outlined as follows: In cases of defects or product discrepancies, we will replace the goods.
  • Detailed procedures for exchanges are available on our website.

Customer Service

  • Our sales managers operates during business hours from Monday to Friday, from 9:00 to 17:00.
  • Our sales managers are readily available to address your queries and concerns, and we offer multiple means of contact:
  • a) Email: [email protected]
  • b) Online inquiry form on our website:
  • Our managers will respond to your inquiries within one business day.

Privacy and Data Protection

We strictly adhere to customer privacy and data protection practices. Comprehensive information regarding the processing and storage of your data is accessible in our Privacy Policy.

Compliance with Laws

HIGS is fully compliant with all relevant EU laws and regulations, encompassing consumer protection and trade legislation.

Changes to the Sales Policy

We retain the right to make amendments to this Sales Policy. Any modifications will be posted on our website and become effective upon publication.

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