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What is a disposable e-cigarette?

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Disposable e-cigarettes are vaping devices without refilling liquid and with a disposable battery. The principle of operation of a disposable electronic cigarette is the same as that of a regular vape: a special glycerine liquid with or without nicotine evaporates on the inner coil and turns into puffs of delicious, aromatic vapor.

The disposable vaping gadget fits easily into any pocket, and you can use it immediately after unpacking and without reading the instructions. The e-cigarette is activated by a puff, so you will not find any buttons on the surface of the cigarette. On average, the lasting of the device is 1 to 3 days, depending on its capacity and vaping intensity.

Cheaper way
Lasts for 1-2 days, depending on the number of puffs. 1 pack of cigarettes is appr. 200 puffs (1 cigarette ~ puffs).

Easy to clean
E-cigarette doesn't require it at all. There is no need to replace the cartridge, fill with liquid or charge. Just throw it away when you run out of “gas”.

Compact size
Size of an e-cigarette is little bigger than one standard tobacco cigarette (80mm x 15 mm).

No strong odor & No effect
on the complexion of the face or hands
Does not contain concentrated chemicals, resins and harmful impurities.

Smoking allowed in most public places
You can smoke in most public places. Leaves no tobacco odor, dissipates quickly, does not interfere with the surrounding.
What is a disposable e-cigarette?
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