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Why start selling Higs?

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Higs is the new level vape taking Europe by storm! These disposables are converting smokers & vapers everywhere with their:
  • High-quality electronic cigarettes
  • Sleek packaging
  • Sexy flavour blends to suit every taste bud
With 6 delicious taste ticklers to choose from, what Flavour are you?
  • Summer Basket - forest berries
  • Jungle Frost - banana milkshake
  • Exotic Passion - passion fruit
  • Tuscan Breeze - grape lemonade
  • Fresh Mist - mint lemonade
  • Black Mirror - blackcurrant lemonade
The ecigs market worth USD 15.4 billion (2020), having an annual expected growth rate of 28.1%

The highest age group users, in the 2 biggest markets are 18-29 year olds in the US & 35-44 year olds in the UK

  • Increase in demand from millennials
  • Safer alternative to traditional smoking
  • Since the pandemic 32.4% quit traditional tobacco using eCigs
  • People want to experience new & unique flavours
  • Choice of features such as temperature control, nicotine concentration, battery life & packaging
  • Cheaper than traditional smoking
  • Acceptable in some indoor venues
Distribution in vape shops & convenience stores accounts for 80% market
share of sales. Online purchases are growing fast.

The Real Competitors
Needless to say traditional cigarettes & rechargeable vapes are clear competitors,
however other contenders include:
  • Disposable vape pen from Kiosks
  • Cheap quality
  • Shisha
  • Expensive & less accessible
  • Cigars
  • Not for casual smoking
  • Balloons (Agia Napa)
  • Fun party purchase. Higs should be positioned in a similar impulse party
  • purchase category.
Why start selling Higs?
Please feel free to contact us about partnership opportunities with HIGS or become a unique distributor!
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